G81 Creatives are still here, our creative community has found ourselves a new host for our website. Bear with us as we get back up and running, showcasing the work of those learning and sharing their skills with us.

woman with camera black and white shot creative clydebank

We’ve taken the decision to move our web hosting to allow us to cut down on some of our costs. This means we have additional funds to continue bringing in some of the best speakers on photography to share their knowledge.

As we strive to grow, and to encourage new people from the community to come and learn more about photography – we look forward to reaching out to more community groups in Clydebank and the surrounding areas. We are also looking to talk to High School Art & Design departments, to discuss more about how we can help develop the pupil’s interest in photography as an art form.

In the meantime, you can find us on by following the social links below.